[FREE PDF] The Ultimate Guide for Content Marketers by SEMrush Learn how to perform a comprehensive content analysis, produce interesting copy, and make it more visible to search engines. Download Now→ Google Analytics is well known as the most widely used analytic software on the market, and has been for some time. Many businesses, big and small, use Google Analytics to assess and improve their marketing strategies in order to make the most of their investments. You don’t have to be certified in Google Analytics in order to use the program, however. In fact, the majority of people don’t take the time the get certified because in order to do so you have to pass the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) exam. So is it worth it to try to get certified? What are the benefits? Read on to learn more about this as well as the process to get certified, and then you can decide whether this is a path you want to journey down in the future. The Certification Process Step 1: Sign up for Google Partners The first step you need to take is to sign up for Google Partners , because you have to be a Partner in order to take the GAIQ. This in itself can be a career booster, because Google Partners comes with a badge that shows you’re certified in different areas of Google (providing you pass the content exams). Others will see your badge and recognize you as an expert. This is great to put on your resume or LinkedIn profile, and to have associated with your business. So definitely take this first step. Step 2: Take the GAIQ Exam Technically the next step after signing up for Partners is to take the exam, but unless you’re already an expert in Google Analytics, we recommend doing some studying in between steps 1 and 2. At least take the time to learn about the exam – how it’s broken up, time limits, question formats, etc. (which we’ll explain below). Search Engine Journal’s Complete Guide to Google Analytics is a great starting-off point for anyone looking to learn more about Google Analytics. Thankfully, Google offers IQ courses in order to teach people about their programs and to help prepare them for these certification exams. These courses are targeted for everyone from beginners to the most experienced users, so there’s something for everyone. We recommend reviewing material from the following courses (but of course you should tailor the study material to your skill set – no need to start at the beginning if you’re already an advanced user): Google Analytics for Beginners. Advanced Google Analytics. Google Analytics for Power Users. Getting Started with Google Analytics 360. You can access the courses here . The 2018 Google Analytics Bootcamp by Udemy is also a great resource for all things analytics. While Google has a lot of resources for getting certified, they aren’t great for those who really want to learn the practical, real-world applications. A […]

How to Get a Google Analytics Certification (& Is It Really Worth It?)