Why is a well written resume important?

My Qualification and experience was perfect match, but I was not selected. Why?

Let’s find out the solution to this problem and ways to handle this situation.

Last week I attended an interview at Yahoo India for a position of Marketing Manager; the requirement was very well matching in every sense with my experience and qualification.

The interview started in same old fashioned way; she was carrying hard copy of my resume and discussion started with basic question: Tell me something about yourself?

I started briefing her about my personal background, education qualification and then jumped on work experience; describing about roles and responsibilities of recent organization…. It was going well as I thought of…but was interrupted in middle and discussion went on to some other topic of my work experience i.e. on to my event management experience, which was not really relevant to the job requirement.

The discussion went for about 20 minutes, and it was concluded in this way; we are looking for some more experienced person and your experience doesn’t match with requirement, we will get in touch with for any other opportunity matching to your experience. Thank you for your time.

And I lost an opportunity; I was out of discussion room and started thinking what went wrong during the discussion. I felt that the interview was going good till the time I was not interrupted and started discussing something irrelevant i.e. my event management experience. She was asking more details about my events and related activities and the more we were discussing about it, we were moving far from the core requirement. She was hardly giving look to my resume as she was busy listening to me.

The basic problems I gazed out were;

  • She didn’t scan my whole resume during the discussion
  • I said something irrelevant while answering to a question and that led to distraction of thoughts.
  • I couldn’t manage to bring her back to my resume and discussion on core experience which was required for that job.

Here’s the Solution I found out to overcome this problem;

  • The resume contains lots of information, which might look as irrelevant to look or refer during the discussion by the interviewer.
  • put the most important and relevant information about the job you applying for in the first half of the page in fully readable format.
  • Focus on most important skills and achievements related to the job.