Team effectiveness assessment & bottlenecks

Organizations across the globe keeps on emphasizing on team building, team management and trying to create team based culture and wants to run the organization on team based culture these teams handle some of major task / projects of organization and then run the whole show; however there are some practical pitfalls and bottlenecks in this system.

These bottleneck or issues are so big that sometime it impacts the organization up to root per research the biggest bottleneck of all the times is “Ineffective Communication” which account more than 20% of all the issues, followed by lack of effective planning, visioning and goal setting.

Team Effectiveness Bottlenecks

The Below Chart shows How team spends their time and its effectiveness?

Solutions & Conclusions:

People constitute team and teams constitute organization, these teams become primary driver for the business growth. Then it becomes highly important to see the teams are equipped with enough learning and training to perform the duties with efficiency and effective manner. Teams with good learning and training accomplish the task in less time and also bring harmony in the teams.

Only by having good team in place doesn’t ensure good results, the teams need proper training and support to work effectively and productively. The most important training the team should start with effective communicationthis will help in establishing free flow of information within the team and outside with external business stakeholders. After a full-fledged training on communication the next phase of training should focus on work planning, goal setting and prioritizing. This will enable individuals to be set on track and on time with their assigned task and deliverable.

Organizations with better training support system are able to create team based culture, which helps in taking better business decisions, healthy work environment which all leads to increase in productivity and growth of organization and individuals.