Dad’s Layoff Diminishes Baby’s Birth Weight

Layoff Diminishes Baby’s Birth Weight The birth weights of babies born after their fathers lose their jobs are 4.7% lower, or about 5 ounces less, than those of employed dads’ babies, according to Jason M. Lindo of the University of Oregon. In a study of American fertility data from 1968-1997, Lindo says the effect may be due to factors such as the reduced food expenditures that result from lower family income and the stress experienced by moms who work more…

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Why is a well written resume important?

Why is a well written resume important? My Qualification and experience was perfect match, but I was not selected. Why? Let’s find out the solution to this problem and ways to handle this situation. Last week I attended an interview at Yahoo India for a position of Marketing Manager; the requirement was very well matching in every sense with my experience and qualification. The interview started in same old fashioned way; she was carrying hard copy of my resume and…

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