Strategyworks- Digital Marketing Training Institute evolved from the Student community. We have been working for students, job seekers both fresher and experienced professional from a very long time, initially it all started with career counseling and resume development and then gradually we started giving them performance coaching and mentoring on How to do a successful job search? how to choose the best career? We got tremendous success as the business mentor and we were growing every day; people were coming to us through references and word of mouth.

Continuously we were learning, preaching, training and growing, then we thought of expanding our horizon and we started doing leadership development program for the corporate, initially we started with leadership skills, soft-skills training, and corporate communication training program and gradually we added high-end technical training programs, Finance and accounting training programs, executive development, leadership development program, performance coaching and high ticket group coaching program for corporate leader “executive coaching” .

Along with our professional development training, we also started Digital Marketing consultation, Online marketing training, and executive search. We still support our student and job seekers community and provide them information on opportunities available to our customers, we write articles, blogs on various topics related to career and development.

Digital Marketing Training Service

We offer integrated course at Strategyworks- Digital Marketing Training Institute focused on to teach market relevant skills for better job opportunity.

The classes are highly interactive and every participant is required to contribute to the discussion of live business issues and ways to resolve the marketing challenges.

We offer live projects to work on, encourage them to do mistakes and learn from those mistakes and gradually learn the tricks of the Digital marketing.