Should I put recommendations on the resume?

Now day’s companies are doing background searches and even hiring firms to verify education, previous employment, etc.  I do not see anything wrong with this practice, but its good idea to get permission from this “Big Name Firm” and maybe even get a contact to speed up the process of verification. 

It has been noticed that , clients and customers are very much willing to give positive feedback or lettter of recommendation in lieu of great work for them . A good recommendation on company letterhead is, as they say, (nearly) a picture worth 1000 words.

It is also a good idea to put together a bound portfolio. It should still be brief but can contain much more than a 1-page introduction and 2 pages resume. I have found that once a company is interested enough in you to bring you in for an interview that they are also interested enough to review an 8 to 12-page career portfolio.

I use a 1-page introduction, a 3-page resume that includes awards and other things left off the resume; I also have Letters of Recommendation that I include.

It is good to keep all your recommendations emails and communication from clients, Bosses, Customers etc…and keep them along with you for getting assured Job.