That’s a key takeaway from a discussion I had recently with Scott McCorkle, CEO of Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud. I wanted to understand what his company’s newly announced IoT Cloud could mean for marketers and customers, beyond just more data from everywhere.

The new Salesforce Cloud is not only designed to process all those signals marketers currently monitor — such as social media posts, web site visits, and in-store digital interactions with point-of-purchase — but also signals emanating from essentially anything that could benefit from a transmitting sensor.

Thermostats that understand your temperature patterns, toasters that know how how dark each family member likes a bagel, cars that drive themselves the way you like, or watches that monitor you for any signals of ill-health. All of these devices, and countless more, would be pumping their data streams into some cloud, possibly Salesforce’s.

Essentially, data streams from the Internet of Things are like a web browser cookie for the real world. It knows all about where you are and where you’ve been.

The Internet of Things (IoT) can help marketers move beyond predicting or reacting to customer behavior. Instead, it can blur product experience with customer experience — so that having a product, using a product, and dealing with its company become a continuum.

Curated from Salesforce: The Internet Of Things Will Merge Product Experience With Customer Experience