We have been hearing news from across globe about people quitting life and leaving tearful suicidal notes about their inability of not getting a job of their choice(http://www.indianexpress.com/news/failing-to-get-job-iit-student-commits-suicide/406250/). This problem is not only related to getting job but also , people losing job due to various socio economic factors like recession, cost cutting, organizational alignment etc….

This is a serious social issue and needs proper and systematic approach to deal with it. one important thing which has to always kept in mind; our lives is full of ups and downs and it keeps on changing and we should be prepared to deal with it. Every human being is born with some purpose in life. Some are born to be good leaders, some with great capability of managing people, and some with great technical skills.

To deal with this, we first need to analyze our inner strength and accordingly keep on trying to do the best of our ability and knowledge.

Getting in to first job or finding the job of our own choice, needs a very practical and methodical approach. Below mentioned are some of the few things we need to think about;

Now days the workplace of job market is very competitive and it’s required good strategy and plan to deal with this. Job seeker should be able to distinguish themselves from other candidates; and this can be done by writing a great appealing resume and cover note.

Always remember, the hiring managers see your resume first and if they find it appealing, they will call for a first level of discussion. And this first step is very critical and needs proper treatment.

What you should to do to get your dream job?

Prepare a good write up about yourself and classify the things on following heads;

  • About you as a professional
  • your strengths as a person
  • your strength on technical domain
  • your achievement( small or big) in education, extracurricular activities


Basis above details start preparing your first resume and cover letter( always remember, write your resume for the employer, not for you; put only those information , which will make an employer to get interested in your profile, but do not put any wrong information) and in case you have shortage of good words, consult a good professional resume writing company. Strategyworks Consulting has been helping job seekers from across country and from various domains in getting their first job, by helping them in getting their resume and cover letter written in professional way

Do not give up so easy, keep trying and always seek help.