Change is good, so the Job Changes, but too frequent is not good

As a general practice, longevity at a company is preferred because is shows dedication and commitment. But in technical fields, it is common to see frequent job changes.

 First question comes to mind: why Change?

  • Is job no more challenging?
  • Bored of doing same job every day?
  • You are not getting lead in to new projects?
  • Is company not doing well, no projects /assignments?If their some thing bad from company side…. then its better to change, because you can’t change company so better you change yourself.

Else the candidate need to look in to him self and do self introspection and will give the answers for change or continue at work.

Self Introspection will be able to give you insights where you lacking and where you need improvement.

Longevity – is all about contribution. The duration of stay with the company should be dictated by your role & contribution. Certain roles require longer having significant achievements than others.

For example, and IT leader may need 2 years to create a significant value & contribute a lot to the organization; A CFO may do so in 6 months, a salesman in 5 years. It is all relative.

I have also found that recruiters ignore “odd” career paths when the results are significant and deemed valuable in the context of the role. Longevity is preferred to a certain point. Too long with any single company and it can be seen as getting to know their internal processes too well … this become boring & unproductive . But, at the same time you can switch too frequently which can be seen as some type of work ethic problem.

My belief is that you need to stay with a company as long as you are growing…and growing in sync with the company. Changing company many not are the right decision (provided company should be doing well). It’s better to take proactive step in taking up new challenges, come with new ideas at work, try to do the same work with in more efficient way…and will help you to work with more enthusiasm.