Interview selection parameters; know them beforehand and secure your selection

You all would have attended many interview in past and would have got feedback after the interview that “your profile doesn’t suits with the requirement” or “will call you back” or some other answer , just to avoid saying “NO” directly.

Generally this happen, because in interviews ,we try to tell what ever we want to tell (all the good(s), not what the interviewer wants to hear. Most of times we just answer the question asked by interviewer, without knowing what exactly the interviewer wants to judge by asking that question.

“Always remember –interview is not a Question and Answer Session. Its time to market and sell your Qualities, achievements and yourself to your prospective employer”

Below I have mentioned some of the Key Parameters, which are used by almost all the companies in the globe and for any job & position. This parameter is applicable to IT, Sales, marketing, CEO’s, etc…



Possible Question(s)*

Communication skills Defined by an individual, clarity, presentation, listening skills and understanding of non-verbal cues/body language.
  • Tell some thing about yourself?
Innovative/Creative Defined by New Ideas, thoughts, their implementations, using cost effective methods & practicality of these ideas
  • Given a scenario/situation how you will respond?
Decision Making Defined by logical, rational thinking, ability to consider all the possible alternatives, resolve conflicts, make timely & independent decisions
  • How will you develop the market for xyz product or service?
Problem Solving Defined by an individuals ability to be analytical, deductive/inductive, handle stress
  • What approach you will follow to develop the brand or increase sales?
Values Defined by Individuals honesty, integrity, loyalty, stability.
  • Do you bribe the customer to get the business deal?
Interpersonal Relations Defined by an individual’s ability of being intimate, sensitive, trusting, have an open and transparent communication.
  • How comfortable you are working with team?
  • How will you convince your colleague (senior) to do his job in some other good ways?
Leadership Defined by an individual’s ability to envision the future, motivate others, delegate effectively, give objective& constructive feedback, and make quick and fair decisions.
  • What lead role you taken in your previous assignments?
  • Do you handle a team?
  • How you get your work done from your colleagues?
Team Orientation Defined by an individuals ability to work with others, open to others suggestions/ideas, open to criticism, share one’s own knowledge, acknowledge others contribution.
  • Do you do any other extra curricular activities with your team other than work?
  • What philosophy you adopt to get the work done from your teams?
Attitude Defined by an individuals perseverance, presence of mind, willingness to learn, being adaptable and competitive
  • You seem to be very dull, why should I select you?
  • You are very egoist and won’t be able to cope with team?
Initiative/Proactive Defined by an individuals ability to identify and implement a new idea/direction, take risks, start new project independently, willingness to take responsibility
  • You have to develop a very virgin market, would you be able to take up this challenge?
Assertiveness Defined by an individuals high self confidence and self esteem, ability to openly express positive and negative feelings(taking it positively)
  • You haven’t done significant work in your previous organization and doesn’t suits to our needs, do you have any thing to say?
Stress Handling Defined by an individuals ability to manage one’s own behavior ,remain calm in crisis situation, manage complex task effectively, handle several projects simultaneously
  • Would you be able to handle multiple projects at a time?
  • We want some one who can do multitasking, can you do this?
Adaptability/Flexibility Defined as being open to different ideas. Modify one’s behaviors in the face of failure/criticism/a better suggestion, being comfortable in any situation
  • Are you ready for relocation?
Conflict resolutions Defined as the ability to think analytically, fact finding, staying calm under stress, be sensitive to issues, be objective
  • How will you react to customer grievances and complaint, which has occurred due to your negligence?
Achievement Motivation Defined as being ambitious, drive to succeed, result oriented
  • What was your accomplishment in last assignment?
  • Do you have nay promotion in previous organization?

The * possible Question(s) section contain only few question, but their can be many more question in many ways. It’s my sincere request to all the readers to add up the question for the benefits of other job seekers and can of help to them.