google analytics

Are you thinking to apply for senior Google Analytics position, here are the few top technical question which are asked by interviewer.

  • What are dimensions & metrics in Google Analytics?
  • What are segments and when to use them? What is the accuracy level of data obtained by after implementing segments?
  • What are not set data seen in Analytics? How it can be removed completely.
  • How to set up e-commerce tracking? Is it possible to do on AJAX based site?
  • Why data discrepancy is seen between Google AdWords and Google Analytics data
  • What are regular expressions and how to generate them and for what purpose
  • What are Goal setup and Funnel in Google Analytics
  • What are attributions in Analytics and what’s the use of it
  • What are Model comparison tool in Google Analytics
  • What is assisted conversion in Analytics
  • what is multi channel funnel and when to use it
  • What is custom channel grouping
  • What is content grouping

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