Importance of a good resume and cover letter

Have you ever wondered or heard any of your friends saying; I have sent my resume to so many companies, but I’m not getting any interview calls. In spite of having sound technical or relevant experience in the required domain, getting a job is so difficult.

The reason behind these kinds of problems could be many, but the most common problem is with the resume.

  • The resume may not be giving the professional look and feel.
  • It might not be describing the best about your expertise and experiences
  • Required keywords might be missing
  • The formatting might be too bold and unorganized.

As per the general survey conducted by leading research agencies, 90% of the profile are not well documented and lack the essential details and are rejected at a very first instance.

Friends, always remember, before you get selected for any opening, it’s your resume which gets selected; it’s your virtual face that talks about you. If you are stuck at the very first step of screening of resume, you won’t be able to move ahead and you lose an opportunity.

If you are really serious about your job search and wish to have an impressive resume, write to us, we will help you in getting this done.