How to prepare for a training session on technology?

As a Technical Trainers , the trainers must have

  • Training material ready on the subjects and topic they have expertise to train. They should have readymade help files and product document.
  • Technical trainer must possess few years of hardcore development and coding experience, he should be able to understand the user’s needs and would be able to co create the learning environment.
  • The training material can be in various forms like PowerPoint slides, printed materials, CDs. The content should be easy to use and in presentable form. It should be used as reference material for them.
  • The training can be delivered in various formats like; instructor led or classroom training, live web mode, pre recoded web training. Classroom training is considered the most effective methods of training as it gives opportunity of discussion and doubts can be cleared.
  • Some special form of trainers are also available who are involved in software development process, they are called technical evangelists. Evangelist Job role is to talk, preach and share knowledge about the products in the market; by direct meetings, through user groups, communities etc…

To be a successful Technical trainer you should have following must attributes:

  • You should have excellent communication skills.
  • Ability to understand complex topics and should be able to explain in lucid way
  • You should be physically fit and should possess lots of stamina (required for long hours of talking).
  • The content should be unique and easy to understand.
  • they should be experienced in handling the queries and questions of from participants
  • They should be capable enough to Judge the participants mood, knowledge and experience and accordingly initiate the training program

What stuff should be in trainer’s laptop?

  • MS PowerPoint – for teaching through slides
  • Virtualization Machine – VMware and Microsoft’s Virtual PC are good for creating virtual environment for training.
  • Communications software – like WebEx, live meeting for doing web based training.
  • Other Hardware devices could be used -.
    • Laser pointer or Remote Clicker
    • LCD Projector
    • Cordless mouse
    • USB Drive