Global talent crunch

This report was published by some Business magazine last year; it’s about the global talent crunch. The Source of this information is from the Interviews, Mckinsey Analysis.

This report give tells about what percentage of graduates are available in the market with correct degrees.

For India the figures says;

  • 25% Engineers are with correct Degree.
  • 15% Finance/Accounting with correct degree
  • 10% Generalist with correct degree

The Reasons Why the Companies couldn’t find right talent?

  • 59 % of Senior managers do not spend enough high quality time on Talent management
  • 48% of organizations are “SLICED” and do not encourage constructive collaboration & sharing of Resources.
  • 45% of LINE MANAGERS are not COMMITTED to development and growth of Peers capabilities and Careers.
  • 40 % of Line Managers are not willing to differentiate /categorize their people/staff as Top-Average-and underperformers
  • 39 % of CEOs,Senior leaders are not sufficiently involved in shaping Talent management strategy in the company
  • 37% of senior leaders do not align right talent with right job strategy.
  • 37% of line managers do not take corrective actions to address underperformance effectively