Not getting a Job? Why don’t you try to meet executive search firms?

This is what most of us would have heard many times and recently during recession many would have advised you.

Some of you might be lucky to get opportunity from these Big executive search firms and consultancy firm…but the most common answer any one would have received from these head hunters would be” send your profile to us, we will get back to you” but unfortunately no one ever connected with you again.

Ever wondered why?

Was your resume too bad? Is your experience not enough? Or, or …and many questions will pop in your mind.

Now, we need to understand; where is the problem? Is there a problem with the job seeker or with the head hunting firm?

As per my opinion from candidate side there can’t be any problem, because he has been working for years in the industry and has proved his caliber, possess are the required skills and experiences and had all the attributes of a good employee. Then is their problem with the firm…No…The firm is doing good business; they have given some great leaders and professional to the organizations.

Let’s understand how these Head hunters work? In general we all know these guys help job seekers in getting jobs.

But the Fact is:

  • Head hunters DO NOT follow any professional who is LOOKING for JOB.
  • Head Hunter works for The EMPLOYER not the person looking for JOB.
  • Head Hunters do everything what’s good for Employer not for the Job Seeker.
  • Most of the head hunters are specialized in particular domain like investment management/hedge funds/infrastructure/ retail, etc…
  • Head hunters have very clear criteria of managing the database & following the professional on some of these parameters; they look at Salary range (not less than $ 400,000 per annum), 10+ year’s industry experience, Performance track record, awards, presence at conferences and high level meetings, etc…
  • The executive firms are hired by Companies/ Organization based on their specification/ requirement

Now you might have got some fair idea, how the headhunters work…so as Job seeker…How do you find a job for yourself.

  • Find out any consulting firm which specialized in placing candidates, which works for job seekers.
  • Reach directly to the companies: talk to decision makers, share your industry experiences, understand their problem and suggest possible suggestion and surely you would be able to get a job for yourself.

Thank you for reading this, please pen down your views and comments.