Engineering Colleges in Bangalore

M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology (

Engineering College Entrance, this college is among top 10 engineering colleges in Karnataka.


This is the main entrance of the College; the Photo frame above is of Founder of Ramaiah Institutions, a well known educationist and politician of his time.


This is the Engineering Science Block (the new Building)


This is PLACEMENT NOTICE BOARD…this college has been pioneer in attracting MNC’s and getting record placements

Here you can see lots of initiative and activities done by college and always kept the students ahead of technology, trends and Employable and better entrepreneurs.


This is another section of PLACEMENT NOTICE BOARD…as on date during this recession period they are able to place more than 50% of students in MNC’s like HP , Accenture, IBM, Cognizant, etc…

The credit goes to the placement officer “Mr. B Venkatrama Rao”…The college has got in house faculty to train the students on Soft skills and prepare them for PLACEMENTS


This is what I found the most interesting thing in this college “Entrepreneurs Development Room” this is called as CAT-CE department, headed by Ms. Rekha. I saw a list of project undergoing in the room , found around 6-7 projects( Companies) were going on , the college support students(entrepreneurs) by providing infrastructure, getting loan sanctions and platform to learn and implement strategies and plans


This is another picture of Entrepreneurship development Cell


Sambhram institute of technology(

College Entrance, this college is quite old and its growing good, this college attracts more candidates from northern part of India, do not understand why..But think due good marketing strategy by various admission consultants and teams

This Hall is hall where all the placement activities take place, the Group discussions, interviews, written test ….any some of them start their career from here by getting offer letter and some in pain and sorrow and pray to God to get seat in the next company …and this goes on and on…

The PLACEMENT NOTICE BOARD….I can see good things happening here and many outside consultants hopping in college to grab some business.

This Notice bards talk in itself…success stories of placed candidates in this recession time, college was able to place good amount of students and still expecting to get more companies. Ms. Veena R plays the pivotal role in getting this college so much of happy satisfied companies to come and recruit candidates. She believes in building up long relationship and this can only make this college a great college.

This college still need to evolve and has to work hard in getting up to TOP league college list.