I’m sure most of you would have experienced this, what I have been experiencing in my 10 years of career life.

In 10 years of career life, I got interviewed by start-ups , small and mid sized companies and bigger enterprises too.

One common phenomenon I experienced most of the time , when I got interviewed by a senior person/CEO of the company  either  from start-ups or small and mid sized companies;

 They advertise the job in the job portals, asking for all the relevant and aspiration(al) expertise and experiences.

Observation : its often see, companies do not work on at least 40% of the stuff which were asked in  the Job Description, due to various factor, that could be as similar as  internal budget issues, business objective not set clearly or they don’t not have sufficient manpower for execution.

They rarely mention the Salary bracket in the job post.  Its most of the time mentioned in open ended statements like; salary no bar! for right candidate. We match with the industry etc….

The experience level is mentioned as 3-10 years experience or  more than 5 Years experience. In both the examples if you see…there is certainly going to be huge difference between 3 years experience candidate and 10 years experience candidate in terms of work experience and salary bracket … in similar way  , 5+  years experience desired – candidate with 5 years 1 month is eligible to apply and similarly 10 years experienced candidate can  also apply ( in fact 30 years experience candidate can also apply).

How the companies are going to justify this?  This is absolutely ABSURD way to mentioning the experience level .

Anyways..the resume is shortlisted ..called for interview for Face to face ( 2nd round) after telephonic…

They will ask all the technical question, scenario based question, leadership question etc.. all is going good and you are given cues of bet fitting candidate for the job.

Will also ask about  your current CTC and expected CTC ? ( Hiring manager will make a note of this on resume silently, but won’t say a word about this, if the salary asked is too high or too low 🙂 or it might need some sort of negotiation or can’t afford to pay this much .etc… nothing is discussed and interviews continues…)

Some employers will ask question like; what would be your strategy for marketing our product? What would be the cost involved in implementing this marketing strategy? Can you share the business plan? Why don’t you study our website and prepare the PPT and show how can you improve it? etc… and many more questions like this.

The candidate spends /gathers all his knowledge and experience to give best workable ideas, plans and advice .And then the employer says….

It was great talking to you . you seems to be the right fit for this job, but I need to discuss this with our other partners/ Investors/ CEO  and will get back to you.

and after a week’s time an email /phone call comes saying that.. you were a great fit for this job , however we did not had this high budget for this position and we will get back to you for any other matching opportunity for you.

Here is a sample letter, I received recently.

Why Hiring managers do this?

These hiring managers very promptly ask the current CTC and expected CTC, but are so timid to discuss about the salary or negotiate the salary.

I truly call this as cheating, a very cheap way of gathering ideas, plans for improving their business or saving their grace.