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Should I put recommendations on resume?

Should I put recommendations on the resume? Now day’s companies are doing background searches and even hiring firms to verify education, previous employment, etc.  I do not see anything wrong with this practice, but its good idea to get permission from this “Big Name Firm” and maybe even get a contact to speed up the process of verification.  It has been noticed that , clients and customers are very much willing to give positive feedback or lettter of recommendation in…

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Importance of a good resume and cover letter

Importance of a good resume and cover letter Have you ever wondered or heard any of your friends saying; I have sent my resume to so many companies, but I’m not getting any interview calls. In spite of having sound technical or relevant experience in the required domain, getting a job is so difficult. The reason behind these kinds of problems could be many, but the most common problem is with the resume. The resume may not be giving the…

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