bad boss9 Characteristics of Bad Bosses

Many of us would have experienced working with not so good bosses and passed through bad phase of work life.

The normal characteristics of Bad Bosses could be;

  • Bad at Communication skills
  • Bad at Team handling, customer handling and deadlines
  • Favoritism
  • In discipline
  • Keeping attitude “ all good is mine and bad is yours”
  • Ill treatment with coworkers
  • Highly involved in office politics
  • Practicing “splitting the hair” management philosophy
  • Always finding fault in employee’s work and poking nose in their personal matter to know their weakness and using it for his purpose( which is ethically not correct)
  • And many more things can be observed….

When an employees are caught in such a work environment; for him the work life and personal life is totally crashed and he is left with only few option like;

  • Change the company/project
  • Report to HR or senior management
  • Get habituated with environment and get humiliated everyday

Well, as we know all the five fingers are of not same size and alike, in the same way in an organization everyone can’t not be same and can’t expect good behavior and conduct from all.

So in this scenario it become a challenging task for the corporate to maintain a common good working culture and keep everyone happy and this is how work place policies can be instantiated at offices by HR department.

In spite of having strict polices at work place, still these problems crop up and it leaves bad impact on coworkers and sometimes leads to huge loss to organization; good teams break, productive employees leave the organization and on larger scale, it affect profit of organization.

In some organizations the management keeps tab on these kind of issue at work place, but by the time it comes to their notice the loss is already done and they are left with only option of removing him or putting him on training programs.

There are various development programs available for these kinds of managers; some of the key topics which can be included in the training curriculum could be;

  • SWOT Analysis of Personality
  • Leadership Competency and Current Standing
  • Organizational Communication
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Personal Communication
  • Conflict Handling
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Rational Decision Making Skills
  • Creative and Analytically Decision making Skills
  • Analytically problem Solving Skills
  • Different Stages of Leadership Team Building

These training programs can give great results but has to be done on regular intervals; as training and development is a continuous process.

These training programs cannot bring 100% improvement at work place immediately, but still the work place can be made a happier and fun place to work.

Some ways to deal with bad bosses

  • Follow “Boss is always right” : follow the rules of your boss , you will not go wrong even if co workers see him as bad boss. The boss’s objective is to keep you employed and to bring profits to the company
  • Be Dependable: Every boss wants a dependable and reliable employee and you have to show this to your boss. You have to do the task on time and be at work every day. Failing to this might be fatal for you
  • Be an Idea Man: always offer suggestions, inputs, new ideas to make your boss work secure and help him gain respect by management. This will help in creating good image and might help you in getting promotion down the line some day.

We have done many programs for corporate executive and on behavioral and soft skills, which are very important part of workplace. We feel training and coaching is a continuous process and it requires lots of practice practice and implementation.